New Graphene accumulator type
- higher C-values and tension stability

UNIT5 (U5) plans Toopol line with graphene cells

- TOOPOL G (Graphene) module (electrochemical)
- TOOPOL S (SuperCaps) module (electrostatic)

U5 Toopol modules can largely be cascaded as desired and combined to form electrochemical / static hybrid energy storage. By adding capacitors “Toopol S”, performance and flexibility can be realized that go beyond a multiple of the best lithium packs.

Ask the experts for Graphene and SuperCaps: info@unit5-lithiumstorage.eu

TOOPOL premiere in Frankfurt and Munich:

Electrostatic Modules
inspire battery packs from electric cars

UNIT5 develops electrochemical / static combination memories for mobile and stationary applications. The advantages of capacitors and accumulators in combination are huge
and mark a new chapter in performance.

At the Battery Expert Forum in Frankfurt, UNIT5 presented for the first time battery and capacitor management to the public, which can simultaneously manage accumulators and capacitors actively, without load resistances, by means of a single monitoring. Thus, heat hardly arises during cell balancing, energy losses and costly interfaces are eliminated.

As a premiere at the ESS in München, we presented a purely static module for e-mobility applications called "U5 Toopol". This can be combined with accumulators and is predestined for acceleration phases of electric cars. With Toopol, by conserving the storage package while at the same time massively increasing performance, the range and cycle strength of accumulators can be increased. Toopol modules are available from just 25kg payload and exceed in terms of power density even the most modern lithium storage by many times!


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Silver award of the U5 technology
at the international innovation fair Palexpo Geneva 2018

Significant progress in active batteries
and capacitor (SuperCaps) circuit technology

Active battery management system processes show an enormous advantage compared to
conventional passive systems:
  • Directed balancing via decoupled charging currents
  • Cell-Equalizing is 2-4 times quicker than in a passive system
  • Minimal heat generation and energy loss (no load resistance)
  • Balanced in each SOC (state of charge) even if not in charging process
  • Balanced cells during the operation (deep cell support)
  • "Upwards" leveling (strengthening of weak cells instead of weakening strong cells)
  • Higher cell cycle strength by avoidance of topping phases
  • Longer cell life span due to lower temperature variations
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U5 SSG UltraCaps storage technology boosts battery capabilities:
Lithium Cells / Capacitor
combined storage system technology

Capacitors are strong where batteries are weak and vice versa.
SuperCaps possess a much higher power-to-load ratio than batteries, and recharge within seconds, while batteries provide a significantly higher energy density. UltraCap capacitors in combination with lithium batteries open up new perspectives and are capable of executing the very demanding profiles
that cannot be realized with conventional batteries sytems.

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