UNIT5 - Lithium Storage

As a development network in the field of storage technologies, our core competence lies in the active circuit of battery and capacitors management processes, in the electric-chemical- / static charging logic, in the conceptual design of lithium storage and high-performance batteries / supercapacitors combination systems and peripheral:
  • Relay
  • Ampére hours, (ah), measurement
  • Temperature-sensor
  • CAN bus interface
  • Network Data lugger
  • Internet-Monitoring
  • Bluetooth/HDMI
  • BoostCounter (SOC/SOH Analytics)
  • Android Application

Architecture UNIT5 Battery- and Capacitor Management

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The UNIT 5 Active technology can largely be freely dimensioned in planning, as well as requirement of specific ways in which almost the entire parameterization including interfaces can be adjusted precisely.


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