The active UNIT5 Cell-Balancing Technology works in each SOC- and operational stage; with the help of decoupled circulating currents, only those batteries get charged for which it is necessary to achieve total system symmetry.

During this process the strongest cells are referenced and not the weakest, as it is the case in passive systems. The times of heat building-up through resistances, battery damaging cell balancing processes during topping phases (taking days to complete) – now belong in the past.

Active cell-equalizing allows a number of controlling processes
to positively influence the electro-chemical processes.

The scaleable U5 Active-Processing Technology consists of additional components and interfaces
that are precisely tailored to the system.

We are able to build a variety of different battery management systems with active cell-balancing
for almost all important types of batteries and capacitors:
  • Lithium nickel cobalt (LiNiC02)
  • Lithium cobalt mangan (LiNiMn)
  • Lithium nickel aluminium (LiNiCoAlO2)
  • Iron phosphate (LifeP04)
  • Polymer (LiP0)
  • Yttrium (LiFeYPO4)
  • Titanat (Li2TiO3)
  • SuperCaps-Kondensatoren (UlCaPa)

Whether in public transport, automotive, the storage of solar and wind energy (autarky)
or net coupling applications for supply of balancing energy (stabilisation of transformer stations)
– the active Unit 5 battery management and SSG storage technology provide a competitive advantage.


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